Call for Abstracts is CLOSED

Online submission starts January 17, 2022. (JST (GMT+9))

Submission deadline: 23:59 of March 17 31, 2022. (JST (GMT+9))

Those who wish to give oral or poster presentations are requested to submit an abstract.

Some of the abstracts selected by the organizing committee will be given a slot for an oral presentation.

If you wish to give a poster presentation, please indicate so on the submission page.

1. Oral or Poster

2. Poster Only


When submitting your abstract online, please choose one of the following categories for your abstract on the submission page:

1. Repeat-Associated Pathomechanisms

1-1 – Repeat instability
1-2 – RNA-mediated mechanisms
1-3 – Cell/organoids and animal models
1-4 – Tissue specific mechanisms

2. Clinical Aspects

2-1 – Specific disease features
2-2 – Biomarkers, outcome measures, trial design, etc

3. Therapeutic Strategies and Targets

3-1 – Therapeutic Strategies and Targets

Guideline of Abstract Submission

Abstract Template (.docx)
(for general participants)

Those who wish to give oral or poster presentations are requested to 1 page of abstracts. Please use the template (abstract) and submit PDF format file via the following submission system. Please note that after March 17, 2022, acceptance of abstracts through the server will automatically be closed and submissions will no longer be accepted.

Since, the number of accepted oral presentations is limited, the acceptance or rejection of abstracts and the presentation style (oral or poster) will be left to the organizing committee. The results of the selection process will be informed you by e-mail.

All poster sessions will be held virtually. Poster presenters are requested to prepare a poster as a short presentation video file (.mp4) based on PowerPoint slides. The submission method will be notified by email after acceptance decision.