• All oral sessions will be held at the Senri Life Science Center using an online platform (ZOOM).
  • The regular oral session should be 11 minutes for presentation and 3 min for discussion.
  • Detailed information to access the Zoom meeting will be announced on the website.
  • If you cannot present in person or online at the designated time, please contact us, and we will inform you of the uploading method of your prerecorded presentation file (limited to .mp4 format). If you are confident in being able to talk at the designated time, you don’t need to prepare a prerecorded video.
  • All presentations will be recorded and delivered on-demand after the meeting, enabling further discussion on the message board.


  • All poster sessions will be held online (e-poster).
  • Poster presenters are requested to prepare a poster as a PDF file (up to10 pages) and a video file recorded with PowerPoint (within 5 min. please convert to .mp4 format).
  • The presentation files should be submitted by Jun 10, 2022.
  • The uploading method will be notified by email for each author later.
  • The poster presentation site will be made open around June 20.

Registered participants can access posters and recorded oral presentations for about a month after the meeting. All participants can communicate with the authors using the message board attached to each presentation.